Say goodbye to large lump-sum car insurance premiums

Pay as you Swipe by rounding-up on everyday purchases to pay for car insurance.

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      How Does this App Works?

      Stop bleeding your monthly budget with overpriced insurance. Pay as you Swipe. Are you tired of the burden of heavy insurance premiums? Do you feel locked out of the insurance market due to the high costs? We hear you, and we've come up with an innovative solution that will reshape the way you think about insurance.

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      Meet Tookan, a novel approach to Car insurance that's making coverage accessible for everyone!


      Insurance can be expensive. For many, the significant upfront premiums are a deterrent, keeping essential coverage out of reach. It's a system that doesn't seem to be built for everyone. But we believe it's time for a change.

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      Tookan is here to shake things up. Our innovative platform uses a fractional rounding-up method tied to your debit and credit cards. Every time you make a purchase, we round up the transaction to the nearest dollar, automatically allocating the spare change towards your insurance. It's simple, seamless, and you'll barely notice the tiny amounts being taken. But here's the magic: over time, these small amounts add up, and before you know it, you're making a substantial contribution to your insurance without the hefty premiums. You can even amplify your contributions with a multiplier option.

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      How it works

      Step 1

      Choose a coverage

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      Step 2

      Link your banking to the app

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      Step 3

      Start rounding-up on everyday purchases

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      Cut through the paperwork.
      Digital ID cards for Apple & Android devices

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      Check our Latest Benefits


      Accessibility: We're making insurance available to everyone, regardless of their financial status.


      Ease and Convenience: Say goodbye to large lump-sum premiums. Just pay as you swipe and keep your coverage going.


      Automated contributions: No need to remember due dates or make manual payments.


      Control: You decide the peace. You decide how much to roundup. The more you roundup, the lower you pay in premiums.


      Transparency: Track your contributions in real-time through our user-friendly app.